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Touch is the first sense we experience in the physical world, and the next sense Emerge Home is introducing to the virtual one. Leveraging ultrasound technology and virtual reality, the Emerge device, Emerge Home Oculus Quest app, and Emerge Home mobile app work together to make virtual connection more immersive.

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Virtual touch powered by ultrasound

Ultrasound waves create mid-air tactile tapestries that you can feel with your bare hands. If you press your hand down on your computer, phone, or home speaker, and play the video out loud, you'll get a sense of the texture that helps virtual content, interfaces, and effects feel dynamic.


Defining the interverse

While we're excited about the rise of the metaverse and open virtual worlds, we're leaning into what we call the interverse — a personal virtual space where we can gather, talk, and play with our Inner Circles. We believe that centering Emerge Home around our Inner Circles will make virtual reality more enjoyable and safe. Every circle has a center. Here's yours.

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Emerge is bringing touch and emotion to virtual experiences — bridging the distance between you and who matters

The desire to reach across the screen, to feel closer to the people we're away from, brought us here. For the past five years, we've been building a new language of virtual interaction that blends sight, sound, and touch. One small step closer to our loved ones, one giant leap for human connection.