Why We're Here

We're bringing touch and emotion to extended reality experiences — bridging the distance between you and what matters.

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Why Touch Matters in XR

  • Deepens Connection

    True communication involves so much more than our words. Just as a gentle squeeze of a hand during a conversation can provide comfort, touch helps fill the gaps in virtual communication.

  • Enriches Wellbeing

    Being in tune with ourselves allows us to be more present with others. Just as deep breaths can calm fraught nerves, touch helps put the focus back on how we're feeling, and not just what we're doing.

  • Improves Cognition

    We first established our understanding of the world through touch. Just as stacking blocks as children allowed us to comprehend limits and patterns, touch helps us engage with and remember new ideas.

  • Heightens Engagement

    Comprehensive engagement of the senses captures our full attention. Just as sports are more intense on the field than in the stands, touch helps us participate in a world that was originally designed for observation.

How It Works

Meet the M1

Our portal to your new world. Using ultrasound waves, the M1 creates a tangible force around virtual content. Our proprietary hardware and software are designed for head mounted devices and the interactive tools we already possess — our bare hands.

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What It Feels Like

Partner With Us

If you want to be a part of a new opportunity in XR, we’d love to hear from you.