• What is Emerge?

    Emerge is a virtual connection company based in Marina del Rey, CA. It was founded with a desire to enable more meaningful shared experiences, and leverages the power of ultrasound to bring touch to virtual reality.

  • What does Emerge do?

    Emerge is bringing touch and emotion to virtual experiences through the Emerge Home, which includes the Emerge device, Emerge Home Oculus Quest app, and Emerge Home mobile app.

  • Who is investing in Emerge?

    In November 2019, we announced a Series A round led by M13, with participation from Vulcan Capital, LionTree Partners, and other investors found in our About page. Our total raise to date is $18M.

  • Who is Emerge for?

    Emerge is for people who want to feel closer to the people who matter to them, but are separated by distance and time. For people who believe the current platforms that connect us are limited. For people who are excited for more meaningful virtual experiences. For people who believe that virtual reality can make connecting more engaging.

  • What technologies are required?

    Emerge Home includes the Emerge device, Emerge Home Oculus Quest app, and Emerge Home mobile app. Our product requires and works alongside the Oculus Quest 1 or 2, which is not included.

  • Do I need special controllers?

    No. Once you enable handtracking in Oculus Quest, all you'll need are the standard controllers and your bare hands to experience the Emerge Home Oculus Quest app.

  • How does the Emerge device work?

    The Emerge device uses ultrasound waves to create a tangible mid-air force around virtual objects and interactions. It helps you feel what you see and hear in the Emerge Home Oculus Quest app. You can learn more about the Emerge device on our Product page.

  • Is ultrasound safe?

    Yes. The ultrasound emitted by the Emerge device is almost entirely reflected by the skin (>99.9% reflection) and presents virtually no risk of adverse effects. We value safety with the utmost importance. Aside from comprehensive internal safety standards and testing, we've put the Emerge device through rigorous independent, third party testing.

  • Can I just buy the Emerge device?

    The Emerge device can only be used alongside the Emerge Home Oculus Quest app and Emerge Home mobile app.

  • Where can I download the Emerge Home Oculus Quest and Emerge Home mobile app?

    The Emerge Home Oculus Quest app and Emerge Home mobile app will be available to download on Android and iOS after you purchase Emerge Home on this site.

  • What kind of research and development went into Emerge?

    Emerge systems, interfaces, and structures are currently protected by U.S. patents granted and pending. We are also actively testing our product with participants live in-lab and remotely in their homes.

  • Does Emerge have any trademarks?

    Emerge, Emerge Home, Meaningful Bonds, and Tangible Emotions are all trademarks of Emerge Now, Inc.

  • When are you launching?

    Join our waitlist to know when we're launching Emerge Home.

  • How do I learn more?

    For now, join our waitlist or follow us on social media.

  • How I get in touch re: press inquiries?

    If you have a press inquiry, please email us.

  • How many people work at Emerge?


  • Can I work at Emerge?

    Take a look at our Careers page for opportunities to join the team.