• What is Emerge?

    We founded the company out of a desire to enable meaningful shared experiences – experiences that nurture and enrich relationships from any distance – through technology. Our focus is to create a new standard for shared digital experiences by adding touch to immersive experiences.

    If you think of a phone or a video conferencing service, the two senses used are sight and sound, but even with those senses, you feel distant from the person or people you are speaking with. And that physical distance can sometimes become emotional distance. We want to bridge that physical and emotional distance by adding a third sense –– a new dimension –– to the mix: touch.

    Today, with our technology, not only can you add a sense of touch to a virtual object, but you can also share that same object with someone across the world. It is still early days, but ultimately our goal is to bring people closer together through touch.

  • What does Emerge do?

    Emerge is creating a new standard for shared digital experiences that enable real connections to what matters to you. Our first step towards this vision is touch, with a product that allows users to feel, interact, and share XR content with their bare hands.

  • Who is investing in Emerge?

    In Nov of 2019, we announced a Series A round led by M13, with participation from Vulcan Capital, LionTree Partners, and other investors. Our total raise to date is $18M.

  • Who is Emerge for?

    Emerge is for people who are excited for more meaningful digital experiences.

  • What technologies are required?

    We believe that when you feel what you can already see and hear, that’s when the magic really happens. We provide the touch and connect to the sights and sounds of head-mounted displays, such as HoloLens 2 and Oculus Quest.

  • How do I get a device?

    Because of the big shifts that this pandemic has caused around the world, we’re looking into ways we could get this in the hands of consumers earlier than we originally intended. As soon as we have a date, we'll let you know.

  • How do I learn more?

    Feel free to join our mailing list or follow us on social media. We'll be sending regular newsletters and updates soon.

  • How I get in touch with press inquiries?

    If you have a press inquiry, please email us.

  • How many people work at Emerge?


  • Can I work at Emerge?

    Take a look at our careers page for opportunities to join the team.