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Beyond the video call: see, hear… and touch

“We are immigrants and we know how difficult and frustrating it is to have our loved ones in the distance. We have family and friends thousands of kilometers away and these two-dimensional screens are the only way we have to feel close to them.”

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Yahoo Finance

Emerge CEO Sly Lee announces new tech where you can ‘reach through the screen’ to access loved ones

“What if we could reach through the screen? What if I could hold my grandma’s hand when I’m not with her physically? What if I could share my emotions, how I’m feeling, with her today, and vice versa?”

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Built in LA

Emerge lets users interact physically in extended reality

“Soon, all of us may be able to hug or high five someone on the other side of the world.”

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Business Wire

Emerge comes out of stealth with $12M in Series A funding for a platform that enables users to feel and share immersive content with bare hands

“Our vision is to create a future where distance and time don’t stand in the way of feeling present. Our goal is to create new interaction standards and a new language of touch for multi-sensory XR experiences.”

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