Emerge Home

We are currently shipping Emerge Wave-1 devices to our Beta Community.

Accompanied by the beta Emerge Home Quest 2 app and mobile app, our Beta Community will be the first people to join shared virtual experiences they can see, hear, and feel.

Emerge Wave-1 device

A tabletop device that wraps mid-air ultrasonic waves around virtual objects and interactions.

Your bare hands are your controllers.

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Emerge Home Quest 2 app

The world's first VR app for social tactile experiences.

Feel like you're there or they're here.

Quest 2 headset not included.

Emerge Home mobile app

The bridge between your real world connections and tactile virtual experiences.

Pair your devices and meet the group chat in the Emerge Home Quest 2 app.

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  • What technologies are required?

    Emerge Home includes the Emerge Wave-1 device, Emerge Home Quest 2 app, and Emerge Home mobile app.

    Our product requires and works alongside the Quest 2 headset, which is not included.

  • How does the Emerge Wave-1 work?

    The Emerge Wave-1 device emits programmable ultrasound waves to create a tangible mid-air force field around virtual objects and interactions.

    It helps you physically feel what you see and hear in the Emerge Home Quest 2 app.

  • Is ultrasound safe?

    We value safety with the utmost importance.

    Ultrasound has been used for over 20 years in various fields such as medical imaging and is common place for a growing range of consumer products such as burglar alarms, motion detection light switches, automated vehicle sensors, and parametric loudspeakers.

    The specific ultrasound emitted by the Emerge Wave-1 device is reflected by the skin - our hands act like a mirror and that allows us to physically feel the pressure.

    In addition to years of comprehensive internal safety standards and testing, the Emerge Wave-1 device has also passed through rigorous independent, third party testing, and is FCC certified.

  • What kind of research and development went into Emerge Home?

    We've been developing Emerge Home for almost 6 years. Emerge systems, interfaces, and structures are currently protected by U.S. patents granted and pending.

    We are also actively testing our product with participants in our in-house user research lab and remotely in their homes.