It's time for a new communication platform

We are building a

multi-sensory communication platform —

through sight, sound, touch,

and brain activity powered by Emotion AI

Human body, Gesture
Arm, Gesture, Finger

The first step is to bring touch to communication

Our tabletop device creates a precise ultrasonic forcefield so what you see on-screen takes shape in your bare hands

No controllers or gloves needed


In partnership with

Feel like you're there, or they're here

Alongside content and display partners, we are setting the stage for a new at-home experience

Bond over shared tactile experiences based on fan favorite stories

Give virtual high-fives, cast superpowers from your fingertips, and feel closer to the people and content you love


Experience beloved



Hand, Gesture, Thumb

In addition to VR and AR, we're laying the foundation to support communication for smart TVs — where tactile calls and experiences make everyone feel larger than life

See, hear, and feel through TVs and future displays

Human body, Arm, Gesture, Font
Gesture, Finger

A spectrum of emotions, powered by Emotion AI

Enabling the first long distance hi-five in 2019 was just the beginning of our mission to connect people across distance and time

With Emotion AI, we will enable users to digitize and share a spectrum of emotions in real-time, enriching personal connections around the world


Privacy and safety rooted in transparency

We are committed to safeguarding our users' privacy and protecting their most important information: emotions

Personal data will be stored locally on future devices, and users will have complete view and control of their information

Human communication is multi-sensory

Virtual communication should be, too